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Steering through legal disputes relating to family matters can be extremely delicate, given their sensitive and emotional nature. Cases related to child custody, divorce, asset distribution, father’s rights, and child support affect not only private details but also have profound ramifications on the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of all involved. This is where the professional assistance of an experienced Bozeman family law attorney comes in handy.

Bozeman Family Law offers a team of dedicated attorneys with extensive knowledge of Montana family law. We excel at navigating the complexities of family law disputes to find an equitable resolution for every unique situation.

Once we assess your individual and unique circumstances, we create a legal path tailored specifically to you and your wellbeing. Our responsibilities may include but are not limited to, managing paperwork, creating essential documentation, advocating for your best interests at meetings and hearings, managing paperwork related to child support payments or parenting plans and more. Our primary goal is to aggressively defend your rights and ensure an outcome that serves both you and your family members best.

Bozeman Family Law offers compassionate and efficient representation for addressing family law matters ranging from marital dissolution and domestic abuse cases to adoption.

Bozeman Family Law stands out with its expertise, with our family law specialists possessing unparalleled knowledge of Montana family law. As one of Bozeman’s premier legal practices, we consistently achieve positive outcomes across a spectrum of family law challenges.

No matter the nature of your family law matter, our team of specialized lawyers is eager to guide you towards an equitable legal resolution.

Divorce Attorney:

Divorce is more than just paperwork. It involves a deep dive into the emotions, lives, and futures involved. Divorce involves managing many intricate issues, such as child support, asset distribution, and child custody.


The prospect of finding a way forward can seem impossible when emotional turmoil is present. Bozeman Family Law can help you if you realize that your marriage is not viable. We value your trust. Our team combines expertise and sensitivity to handle every aspect of divorce. We approach every aspect of the divorce process with compassion and precision, whether it is ensuring a fair asset division or formulating child custody agreements that prioritize the child’s wellbeing. Our goal is to make a difficult journey easier for everyone involved. We can assist with all types of divorce, including self-guiding, mediation, and full litigation cases. Whatever situation you find yourself in, call the experts at Bozeman Family Law today.

Child Custody:

When any marriage ends, it’s usually not an easy process. When there are children involved, it’s usually not any easier. Children’s welfare is paramount. Our legal experts work hard to protect parental rights. They place the child’s well-being first and maintain contact with both parents when possible.

We aim to establish a fair custody arrangement, create a schedule of visitation, and ensure that your child is involved in the decision-making process. If circumstances change, our firm is also prepared to help with the modification or enforcement of an established agreement.


Child Support:


In determining the terms of child support, your child’s welfare is paramount. The amount of support should be sufficient to allow the primary caregivers to meet all the needs of the child. We will always advocate for your best interest, whether you are seeking child support or are responsible for providing it. We are prepared to modify or enforce an existing agreement in the event that circumstances change substantially, which is a frequent occurrence.

Fathers Rights:

Ensuring legal representation for fathers during divorce proceedings is of paramount importance, as it plays a crucial role in safeguarding their rights and interests. Historically, there has been a perception of a systemic bias favoring mothers in family court decisions, particularly in matters of child custody and visitation. Having a skilled attorney specializing in father’s rights can help challenge and overcome such biases, ensuring a fair evaluation of the father’s capabilities, involvement, and commitment to the well-being of the children.


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When it comes to family law issues, cases can be some of the most emotionally charged, complex, and intense. These types of cases often don’t hold the same gravity as major criminal cases, so it’s absolutely imperative that both types of cases are presented in a manner that’s fair to both sides. For family law issues, it’s of the utmost importance to have the proper legal representation, as these cases will have a tremendous impact on your family’s lives for years.

Regardless of whether you’re in the midst of a divorce, making sure your parental rights are guaranteed, ensuring that you’re given your fair share of the marital assets, or if you’re looking to ensure your previous partner pays their fair share of child support, it’s never too early to reach out to Bozeman Family Law. Our amazing and highly skilled team of family law experts is ready to assist and employ the most advantageous legal approaches to secure the best possible outcome for your circumstances while maintaining a fair outcome for both parties.

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